It can be difficult thinking of what to write inside an anniversary card. Whether it's for your partner, a family member or a friend, putting your feelings into words is always a challenge. Never fear, MoMinder is here! With our wide range of anniversary greetings and birthday greetings, you can be sure to find the perfect sentiment to make the recipient's day extra special!

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A friendship caught on fire

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame,...

I let my heart unbend

I never really knew you You were just another friend But when I got...

Love is...

Love is... being happy for the other person when they are happy being...

Our first kiss

I stare into your beautiful brown eyes, I can feel the blood rushing...

Slippers by the bed

My Heart Misses A Beat Watching You Sleep Our Corny Slippers Which...

Our first kiss

I stare into your beautiful brown eyes,
I can feel the blood rushing throughout my body.
And as I brush the hair out of your face,
I slide my hand down your soft slender cheek,
as my skin touches yours, our hearts beat faster.

As you run your hands through my hair
I lean towards you,
I breathe you in.
And when our eyes close, our lips meet.

Our kiss is soft and wet,
smooth and warm,
sensuous and passionate.

The kiss hits our whole bodies like a tidal wave.
We both feel all of our emotion at once,
it's a feeling words can't describe.
As we pull away, you look into my eyes
and I look into yours,
we smile realizing that was our first kiss,

And it wasn't going to be our last.


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