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God has given me Someone like you To have and to hold ‘Till our lives...

A precious love

God gave you and me A precious love That has grown in time When...

Don't live a life alone

God has said That we should not Live our lives alone But to have...

God was there

God was there At the start When our lives touched He filled our...

Happy and sad

Life has its share Of happy and sad Some laughter and tears Some good...

How much I love you

I just wanted to say How much that I love you From the moment that we...

I seem to love you more

From the day we pledged our love I seem to love you more Over time...

My love for you is still strong

My love for you Is still strong Upon the foundation Our marriage is...

Sense the love and grace of God

Your commitment to each other Is so evident to us Through all the ups...

Your marriage is so beautiful

Your marriage is so beautiful And is truly heaven made Your love,...

God was there

God was there
At the start
When our lives touched

He filled our lives
He filled our hearts
Our love was such

And still today
In every way
I love you just as much

© By M.S.Lowndes


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