It can be difficult thinking of what to write inside a birthday card. You know the person, you know their interests and personality, but putting it into words is always a challenge. Never fear, MoMinder is here! With our wide range of birthday greetings and anniversary greetings, you can be sure to find the perfect sentiment to make the recipient's day extra special!

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A beautiful daughter

To a beautiful daughter With a passion for fashion. You do so many...

A beautiful person

My Daughter you are a beautiful person with a full range of...

A daughter like you

Only a daughter knows just what you mean, Couldn't care less if your...

A special day, a special year

A special day, a special year and so this brings to you... Warm...

For a dear daughter

For a dear daughter Here's a wish for happiness And many dreams come...

I look back in time

I look back in time, Young and very innocent Seeing the world through...

I'm blessed with an angel

I'm blessed with an angel, Like heaven might send, And I call her...

My little girl

No matter how many birthdays come and go, you'll always be my little...

So proud of you

Happy Birthday to You, NAME! I'm so proud to have a daughter like...

You are my true treasure

I'm so grateful that I have you as a daughter. No matter how many...

A daughter like you

Only a daughter knows just what you mean,
Couldn't care less if your house isn't clean,
Keeps all your secrets, including your weight---
Only a daughter who's great.
Only a daughter will lend you a shirt,
Help you get moved, share a dessert,
Not say a word unless asked for advice---
Only a daughter who's nice.
Only a daughter will cover your butt,
Stand up for your rights, tell you what's what,
Offer a thoughtful and smart point of view,
Be the one person who keeps coming through,
Someone you just gotta love (and we do!)

Only a daughter like you.


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